UPCOMING CLASSES Saturday, August 16th 2008, 9am-1pm in Pasadena. This specific class will be a Spanish speaking class. For more information, please call 626.584.6191
892 N. Fair Oaks Avenue, Suite D, Pasadena, California 91103. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. Email Leslie@peaceoverviolence.org
Self Defense

Self Defense


Our Youth Self Defense & Safety classes are designed for girls only (ages 13-18). Participants will learn how to be more assertive; how to resolve conflict; to have healthy relationships; and how to execute some physical self-defense

We also offer to communities in and around Los Angeles County, a program that involves youth, working with and empowering other youth, to help prevent violence throughout their communities. Peace Over Violence’s Youth Self Defense and Safety program brings youth leaders, together with adult instructors, to offer Self Defense and Safety training, youth relationship violence prevention education, and mentoring opportunities to youth and youth programs throughout our communities.