Feminine House-Hold Contractual Obligations

Why do you think young woman have more house-hold chores than their male siblings?

05/01/2009, 12:38pm

I believe that i have many more household chores than my male siblings. I clean the living room, dining area, and i also make sure that the bathroom is cleaned twice a day. I wash dishes, but i really dont mind washing the dishes because my brothers would leave old food on our dinner-ware, and then the whole family would be sick. My brothers only take out the trash, and i still get all the bathroom trash and dump those, so they have it easy. My mom says its because im a GIRL, and that i need to do these things for practice, when i get my own house. * but i sit & think, do she want my bros to stay with her forever, because she doesn't have them practicing any household chores..

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